What's UniSysCat all about?

UniSysCat stands for Unifying Systems in Catalysis. We are a Cluster of Excellence - more than 260 researchers from four universities and four research institutes in the Berlin and Potsdam area - working jointly together on current challenges in the highly relevant field of catalysis.

UniSysCat unites biologists, chemists, engineers and physicists with the aim to revolutionize catalysis research.


Sixth episode of the science podcast "exzellent erklärt" now online

Climate change - can we hold the 1.5 degrees limit? This question is addressed and even answered in the latest episode of "exzellent erklärt" by the CLICCS Cluster of Excellence. Listen in!

A glimpse into the lab of Peter Strasser

Peter Strasser's group is researching electrocatalysts for an age without fossil carbon. In the article, published by TU Berlin, they present some of their most important lab devices and explain their function and use.

UniSysCat researcher Shuang Li

The new UniSysCat video series "Day in the Life" has been launched today! The first episode shows the daily work in the lab of UniSysCat researcher Shuang Li. Follow us also on Youtube :)

PhD student at the EC2/BIG-NSE Workshop 2019

We kindly invite you to this year's EC2/BIG-NSE Online Workshop on Friday, January 7, 2022: The new batch of PhD students will present the work plan of their future PhD within UniSysCat and EC2/BIG-NSE.

UniSysCat catalysis lab

On September 30th, 2021 the BeVoice Academy presented an artistic event on the subject of catalysis. UniSysCat is happy to have contributed. Here are some impressions of the event.

Fifth episode of the science podcast "exzellent erklärt" now online!

Quantum technology is the future. However, the fascinating world of quantum is still full of mysteries for the human mind. The latest episode of "exzellent erklärt" takes a dive into the world of quantum science.

Cubic copper catalysts

A UniSysCat team around Prof. Beatriz Roldan Cuenya applied electron microscopy to track the dynamic evolution of copper catalysts in real-time under reaction conditions.

Fourth episode of the science podcast "exzellent erklärt" now online

How fair is our education system? That is what researchers from the Cluster of Excellence ECONtribute are investigating. For "exzellent erklärt" they also shed light on the situation in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activation of carbon disulfide

The UniSysCat groups of Matthias Driess and Tobias Gensch unravelled an unexpected mode of activation of carbon disulfide with a bis(silylene).

Artificial Intelligence decodes catalyst performance based on "materials genes of catalysis" which encode crucial material properties. Researchers from NOMAD, FHI Berlin and BasCat have proposed a new approach for modeling...

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New Video: "Day in the Life" with Shuang Li

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WissenAusBerlin film day: Backstage photos now online!

UniSysCat Kick-Off Video


Unifying Systems in Catalysis (UniSysCat) is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) under Germany´s Excellence Strategy – EXC 2008/1– 390540038